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Engineers Without Borders - Peru

The Peru team has just finished a water system in the rural community of Llacamate. The system has been successful in bring water to many houses and the community has continued to add tap stands. Since the completion of that project the team has moved on to a larger community, Huacapongo. Huacapongo has a spring feed water distribution system that is not providing clean drinking water. A travel team of six students went down to Huacapongo this past December to talk to community leaders, survey community members, and inspect the current system. They created a good relationship with the community but found it difficult to determine if the spring is a safe water source because it was flooded during the rainy season. The team will spend this semester coming up with alternative solutions for delivering clean water to the community. This summer a small team of students will travel to Huacapongo during the dry season to try and find a viable water source and collect information to make an informed decision on which water system will work best in the community.

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