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Engineers Without Borders - Peru

In 2008 the Peru team started a partnership with a small rural community called Llacamate. Several community leaders came to us requesting our help building a potable water system. Working with the community the team conducted a thorough feasibility study, collected community and topographical data and signed several agreements between the community's water committee, EWB-CU and the local government. After this process, the Peru team was ready to start designing a gravity fed water system. For the past year, the team, consisting of students and professional and academic mentors, has put together a design that includes a spring catchment, a 4km of transmission line and a 3km distribution line. The team has also taken steps to consider the long-term sustainability of the system and included plans for operation and maintenance training, as well as community wide health and sanitation education as a part of its obligation to the community. Between May and July this past summer, a group of eight students and two professionals traveled to Llacamate to construct both the spring catchment and a considerable portion of the transmission line. This semester, the team plans to finish the rest of the distribution design so that it can begin construction during the upcoming winter break and complete construction over the next summer break.

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  • Rotary Club of Aurora

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Engineering & Applied Science, College of

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  • Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities (MC-EDC)

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Lauren Schmeisser
Student Coordinator


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