Outreach and Engagement by the Numbers


Programs currently working with communities in Colorado and beyond


Faculty, staff, and students involved in outreach and engagement initiatives


Community members engaged with CU Boulder across Colorado


People engaged with CU Boulder across the US and around the world

Numbers by Colorado Region

Region Programs Number of People Served
Denver Metro 245 279,745
Front Range North 37 130,989
Front Range South 18 119,881
Intermountain 28 134,803
Northeast 15 108,609
Northwest 10 101,059
San Luis Valley 13 148,938
Southeast 15 100,001
Southwest 17 110,441
Western 34 175,304

These numbers reflect the data that has been reported on currently published program pages. In instances where programs serve more than one Colorado region, the data is reported in multiple places and has not been subtracted from the totals.

Faculty Outreach and Engagement Data

CU Boulder faculty members engage in a variety of outreach projects that extend their scholarship to serve specific community and educational needs. Faculty members may include these activities in their annual Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA) reporting. More than half of all FRPA respondents representing all CU Boulder academic departments have included outreach activities in their reports, giving us a glimpse at how faculty members connect community groups to campus resources and initiatives.

Below is a summary of outreach activities reported by faculty in 2017:

School or College Number of Activities Reported
Arts and Sciences 697
Business 92
CMCI 118
Education 55
Engineering 275
Environmental Design 10
Graduate School 102
Law 34
Libraries 9
Music 203
Other 2
Campus Total 1,597

In instances where faculty are rostered in more than one department or school/college, the outreach data are reported in multiple places. It has not been subtracted from the totals.