Behavioral Neuroscience Diversity Task Force

Program Contact

Michael Baratta

Assistant Professor


The goal of Behavioral Neuroscience Diversity Task Force is to promote awareness of and foster interest in brain science in communities of diverse ethnicities. In collaboration with the Biomedical Science Academy at Frederick High School (St. Vrain Valley School District, Weld County), PhD students and faculty members of the Task Force will provide a “hands-on” neuroanatomy laboratory that will complement the current classroom curriculum. The neuroanatomy lab will cover the gross organization of the brain, the general terms used to describe structure location, their function, and provide a context to discuss neuroscience research at CU Boulder. The laboratory will be taught at Frederick High School and involve both first-year and senior Academy students.

  • Neuroanatomy laboratory instruction


    In Colorado



    1/1/2022 - 6/1/2022

    Public or Private

    Private Program (by request only or for a specific audience or group)

    Program Fee

    No charge to attend/participate in activity or program

Sponsoring Units

  • College of Arts & Sciences

  • Department of Psychology & Neuroscience

Program Partners

  • Biomedical Science Academy, Frederick High School

Audiences Served

  • Students - High School