Building Consequential Futures through Storying with Court Involved Youth

Program Contact

Dan Moore

Graduate Student


Rather than working to incarcerate and punish young people, the researchers involved in this program think, alongside young people, about how to design learning environments that are humanizing and empowering for youth to imagine new and consequential futures through story, storying, and literacy skills. This program specifically involves youth who are working to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol and who are also court-involved.

During this program, youth meet with researchers weekly, over twelve weeks, in what we call a literacy collective, to read literature for young adults, tell our own stories, and analyze stories that others tell about us. Together, we will utilize cultural-historical activity theory to re-imagine the ways that social interventions are created.


    Sponsoring Units

    • School of Education

    Program Partners

    • Colorado Problem Solving Court

    Audiences Served

    • At-Risk Youth
    • Children & Youth (outside school)
    • Minority Group(s)
    • Socio-Economic Disadvantaged
    • Students - High School
    • Urban Communities