Collaborative community resilience for heat mitigation through trees

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Alana Wilson

In Boulder, low-income residents may disproportionately lack access to air conditioning and swamp cooler systems for home cooling. Given the low-income and older-age demographics of the Mapleton Mobile Home Park (MMHP), we began monitoring indoor air temperatures at 6 trailers in the park last summer.

Small, USB-size temperature loggers were located inside and outside of mobile homes for 6 weeks in July and August.  One household had air conditioning, and 1 had reliable swamp cooling. The other 4 households did not have cooling systems. Our findings from the 2017 data collection demonstrate a distinct need to better document indoor heat at MMHP, so that residents, including elderly and those who are health-impaired, can be aware of associated risks.  Indoor temperatures exceeded 30C (86F) in 2 homes on the hottest days, and exceeded 28C (82F) in two additional homes, while 26C (79F) is an upper bound of what’s considered safe for senior/vulnerable populations (Anderson et al., 2013*).

This Outreach and Engagement grant builds on the indoor/outdoor air temperature data collected at Mapleton Mobile Home Park in 2017 & related interviews on perceptions of heat risk.  With the acquisition of additional temperature data-loggers, we are expanding the initial study of 6 households to a summer 2018 goal of 40 households. We anticipate working with 2017 households again, and identifying additional households in the Mapleton Mobile Home Park and at least one other mobile home park in Boulder.

* Anderson, M., Carmichael, C., Murray, V., Dengel, A., & Swainson, M. (2013). Defining indoor heat thresholds for health in the UK. Perspectives in public health, 133(3), 158-164.

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