Ecological Networks & Ecosystem Services: Online Active-Learning Games

Program Contact

Aislyn Keyes

Graduate Student


Socio-environmental systems are made up of many complex components that interact across different scales — from global climate systems to local transportation. Society relies on these interacting and interdependent components to provide us with resources and services.  However, systems thinking is not adequately integrated into curriculum, and many students are not exposed to this style of thinking. With this in mind, we aim to create a web-based, interactive game and learning module on complex ecological systems, co-developed with teachers. It will focus on food webs, which describe who eats who in an ecosystem, and ecosystem services, which are nature’s contributions to people. This semester, we will be developing first drafts of the game and accompanying lesson plans. Once completed, this learning module, including the game, will be freely available online. 

    Sponsoring Units

    • College of Arts & Sciences

    • Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

    Program Partners

    • Adam Cohen-Leadholm at Global Citizenship Experience Lab School
    • Stephanie McCarthy at Westminster High School
    • Meghan Mosher at Monarch High School

    Audiences Served

    • Children & Youth (outside school)
    • General Public
    • Students - Middle School
    • Students - Homeschooled
    • Students - High School
    • Teachers - Middle School
    • Teachers - High School