Build a Better Book Project

Program Contact

Tom Yeh

This outreach program aims to design and make 3D books and learning materials for families with children who are visually impaired. We will build capacity and increase access to tactile books by involving local communities and university students. Previously, this program supported an interdisciplinary team of students in the engineering department and the school of education in this collaborate outreach effort.

New to this year is our plan to expand by connecting with local communities (e.g., libraries and schools) to conduct workshops and teach members in these communities how they can make books and partner with us to contribute to this worldwide outreach effort. Community participants will be families around the world who contact our team to request a book for their child with visual impairments. Families will benefit from the opportunity to collaborate with a CU student on the customization of their book, which will be delivered to them. Reading is essential to children’s literacy development, and this project addresses a huge gap in availability of accessible books. Further, customizing books to reflect children’s interests heightens their appeal and potential impact on learning. Join us by sending us an email!

  • Program Activity


    In Colorado




Sponsoring Units

  • Division of Continuing Education

  • School of Education

  • College of Engineering & Applied Science

  • Science Discovery
  • Department of Computer Science

Program Partners

  • Boulder Public Library
  • AnyThink Library
  • Colorado Center for the Blind
  • Anchor Center for the Blind Children
  • National Federation for the Blind

Audiences Served

  • Children & Youth (outside school)
  • Families
  • Special Needs Individuals