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Program pages on this website provide information about outreach and engagement activities. The information provided will allow site visitors to browse and search for programs and obtain contact information.

Program information remains archived in the website database even after a program has ended or the program page has been unpublished. The data collected from each program page entry is used to populate university-wide outreach reports for key stakeholders.

To submit information to the Outreach and Engagement Events Calendar, fill out the form on the CU Events Calendar and choose “Outreach and Engagement” under the interest category section. The information submitted on the CU Events Calendar will be posted on this website.

The Events Calendar is a tool designed to highlight specific, one-time outreach and engagement activities (e.g., a performance, lecture, or exhibition). Outreach reporting information is not collected through the events calendar.

We encourage you to submit information for both a program page and an event listing (if applicable) so that your program information is captured in the database and promoted via multiple online channels.

If you have questions about how to enter program page information, please see the following resources:

An email confirmation will be sent to you with details about how to make changes or additions to your entry. The outreach web administrator will verify the information before it is published on the web site.

NOTE: If you need to edit a program and lost the email with your login information, please visit our password recovery form for assistance.

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