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Bringing Lafayette’s Swimming Pool Story to the Community

The primary component of this project is to create and display at The Collective Community Arts Center in Lafayette, Colorado, an exhibition that tells the story of the swimming pool built in that town in 1933-4: its restriction to “whites only,” the community effort led by Rose Lueras to raise money and hire a lawyer to bring suit on grounds of discrimination, and what happened in the following few years. The exhibit will be curated by Dr. Dulce Aldama of CU Boulder. The project will also hold three public events in association with the exhibit that may include an opening event, poetry readings, and Community Conversations. The project is a collaboration between the City of Lafayette, community members (especially Frank Archuleta, who did much of the research for the display), and the Latino History Project based at the School of Education at CU Boulder.

The exhibit will be displayed at The Collective in Lafayette from late April through the end of June, 2020, and the associated events, whose specific dates have not yet been set, will be held there too. There will be no charge for any of the activities. The exhibit and events are intended for community members and students in Lafayette and other nearby communities, all of which have similar histories of discrimination against Latinos. Their goal is to promote awareness and constructive discussion of racism, both in the past and in the present, as a way to bind the community more closely together.

This is a public program. For more information, please visit the program website.


In Colorado

  • Lafayette

Program Partners

Supporting This Program

  • Dulce Aldama, curator
  • Frank Archuleta, community member, Lafayette
  • Marjorie McIntosh, Latino History Project
  • Melissa Hisel, Director, Lafayette Public Library
  • Rachel Hanson, Administrative Coordinator, Arts and Cultural Resources, City of Lafayette
  • Susan Booker, Director of Arts and Cultural Resources, City of Lafayette

Sponsoring Units

Education, School of

  • Latino History Project

Program Contact

Rachel Hansen
Administrative Coordinator, Arts and Cultural Resources, City of Lafayette, CO

Program Categories


  • Community Resource
  • History
  • Recreation/Entertainment

Program Types:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Community Development
  • Community Event
  • Community Research
  • Exhibition
  • Public Performance


  • Adult Learners
  • Children & Youth (outside school)
  • Families
  • General Public
  • Government
  • Media
  • Minority Group(s)
  • Socio-Economic Disadvantaged

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