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Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative

The goal of the Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative (BAHRI) research project is to conduct compelling and informative research on affordable housing needs, accessibility, and availability. The project is a three to five year study initiated in July 2015 conducting comprehensive and collaborative research on affordable housing in Boulder County.
The project gathers and shares data with a diverse array of affordable housing organizations and local stakeholders. Affordable housing issues are currently being addressed by a number of diverse groups and individuals throughout the county. This project is working with multiple organizations and residents to incorporate various perspectives and synthesize a comprehensive and encompassing understanding of different efforts, opportunities, and initiatives focused on affordable housing. Access to affordable housing in Boulder varies considerably between and within different stakeholder groups, and affordable housing organizations, such as Thistle Communities, depend on housing data to shape their work plans.
The research design for this project incorporates collection of qualitative data and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data including GIS-mapping, historical data and census information, as well as workshops, focus groups and interviews with multiple constituents. In addition to conducting collaborative research with local organizations, this project is actively including individuals currently seeking affordable housing in Boulder, especially un- or under-represented groups. Using these methods, the research team provides a broader understanding of how the Boulder housing market has shifted, how has had an impact on affordable housing access and what is being done to improve affordable housing options.

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In Colorado

  • Boulder
  • Longmont

Program Partners

Supporting This Program

  • Boulder Community Housing Association
  • Boulder County, Housing Division
  • Thistle Communities

Sponsoring Units

Arts & Sciences, College of

  • Geography, Department of
  • Honors Program

Program Contact

Jennifer L. Fluri
Associate Professor, Geography

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  • Community Planning

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  • Civic Engagement
  • Community Event


  • General Public
  • Government
  • Minority Group(s)
  • Non-Profit Organization

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