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Citizen Science Capacity Building in Boulder Through

Engaging people in experiencing the environment of their own community is a valuable first step in raising awareness and moving towards a sustainable future for us and our planet.

CIRES Education & Outreach (CIRES E&O), in partnership with the CU Museum of Natural History (CU MNH) and Boulder Valley School District (BVSD), is developing environmental education programming to engage people in citizen science in the local community through the GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program.

The GLOBE Program is an international science education network of students, teachers, scientists, and partners working together to increase our understanding of the Earth System through protocol-based investigations that monitor the air, land, water, and life on Earth.

Using GLOBE Biosphere protocols, CIRES E&O is collaborating with CU MNH to engage TreeSpace exhibit visitors in monitoring the timing of budburst and leaf growth of deciduous trees in the spring, and tracking the color change and the timing of leaf drop in the fall. Scientists use phenological data to understand how our planet is responding to climate change.

Implementing GLOBE Atmosphere protocols, CIRES E&O will train BVSD teachers to support project- and place-based learning for fifth grade students, as part of the district-wide Weather & Climate unit. NASA satellites orbit the Earth collecting data about clouds and the Earth’s energy. Satellites only see the top of the clouds while people see the bottom. By putting these two vantage points together, we get a more comprehensive picture of clouds in the atmosphere to help us better understand Earth’s weather and climate patterns.

This is a public program. For more information, please visit the program website.


On Campus

  • CU Museum (Henderson Building)

In Colorado

  • Boulder

Program Partners

Supporting This Program

  • Boulder Valley School District
  • CU Museum of Natural History

Sponsoring Units

Research Institutes & Centers

  • Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)

Program Contact

Jennifer Taylor
Curriculum Development & Project Lead
(303) 492-5520

Program Categories


  • Climate Change
  • Education (K-12)
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Teacher Renewal & Enhancement

Program Types:

  • After School Activity/Instruction
  • Community Event
  • Exhibition
  • Professional Development - Teacher


  • Children & Youth (outside school)
  • Families
  • General Public
  • Students - Elementary School
  • Teachers - Elementary School

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