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CU Upward Bound

About CU Upward Bound

CU Upward Bound (CUUB) is the longest-running of CU Boulder's pre-college outreach programs. Like all Upward Bound programs, CUUB is funded by the US Department of Education to help low income and first-generation college going students succeed in high school and prepare for postsecondary success. But the CUUB program sharpens the focus of a typical Upward Bound with its unique mission to challenge, protect and connect the primarily indigenous student population we serve. We are dedicated to preparing our students for achieving their own vision of "postsecondary success," on their own terms, and teaching them that they do not have to sacrifice any part of themselves to prosper in higher education.

CU Upward Bound & Office for Outreach and Engagement (OOE) Initiatives

Indigenous Mural Project: In June 2018, CUUB unveiled the Indigenous Mural Project, executed by Pyramid Lake Paiute artist Gregg Deal. The mural, permanently installed in the VAC basement level, just outside of auditorium 1B20, represents CUUB's efforts to both uplift the indigenous students we serve and carve out space for indigenous people, perspectives, and practices on CU Boulder campus. CUUB understands that there are so many invisible, but still very real, obstacles preventing indigenous students from gaining access to institutions of higher education, and also preventing them from thriving in those spaces once there. For this reason, CUUB led the way in the installation of this powerful mural: it stands as both a message to indigenous students that they truly belong in these spaces, and as a reminder to the university that it grows and prospers on stolen land. The Indigenous Mural Project provides all who pass through it a chance to reflect, to think critically, and to feel inspired to make a difference in the way this university looks, feels and operates.

Psychological Outreach and Research Initiative for Indigenous Communities: During CUUB's 2018 summer program, we were able to partner with the Raimy Psychology Clinic to offer free, weekly therapy sessions for students who requested these services. The pilot partnership proved to be tremendously successful. CUUB knows that lack of culturally competent and responsive mental health support for indigenous students is just one of the factors contributing to low retention rates in higher education, and this partnership allowed us to begin to offer our students the support they need and to destigmatize mental health issues, creating vital discourse and a trend for continued support. Through a Community Impact Award from OOE, CUUB and Raimy will partner once again in Spring 2019. Our goal is to bring Raimy clinicians to some of our partner communities and offer workshops on the intersection of mental health and the transition to college. This mutually enriching partnership will help us build on the work we did in summer 2018, and to plan for future growth in this vital direction.

This is a public program. For more information, please visit the program website.


On Campus

  • Visual Arts Complex

Outside Colorado

  • Pine Ridge Reservation - Pine Ridge, SD
  • Navajo Nation -Rock Point, AZ

Program Partners

Supporting This Program

  • Additional support and partnership for the mural came from:
  • CUUB's Indigenous Mural Project, executed by phenomenally talented artist Gregg Deal, was made possible thanks to sponsorship from:
  • CUUB's Psychological Outreach and Research Initiative for Indigenous Communities is made possible by sponsorship from the Office for Outreach and Engagement, and support for the project from:
  • Christopher J. Pacheco, Executive Director of the Office of Pre-College Outreach and Engagement
  • Dr. Emily Richardson, Raimy Psychology Clinic Director
  • Dr. Kirk Ambrose, Chair of the Department of Art & Art History
  • Dr. Lisa Hope Schwartz and the Office for Outreach and Engagement
  • Dr. Robert Boswell and the Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement
  • Dr. Ruth Ellen Kocher, Divisional Dean for Arts & Humanities in the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Samantha Monk, Raimy Psychology Clinic Director of Clinical and Scientific Engagement
  • Kaelen Williams, CU Boulder BFA candidate (assistant to Gregg Deal)
  • Samantha Monk, Raimy Clinic Intake Coordinator
  • William Jude Rumley, Building Proctor of the Visual Arts Complex
  • and Dr. Adam Bradley, Director of the CU Boulder RAP Lab
  • and Meininger Art Supply in Boulder

Program Contact

Héctor Ramírez
Assistant Director

Program Categories


  • Art History
  • Fine Arts
  • History
  • Psychology

Program Types:

  • After School Activity/Instruction
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Clinical Services
  • Summer Camp - High School Students
  • Summer Program for K-12 (Not Camp)


  • At-Risk Youth
  • Children & Youth (outside school)
  • Minority Group(s)
  • Rural Communities
  • Socio-Economic Disadvantaged
  • Students - High School
  • Tribal Communities (in U.S.)

We do our best to accurately represent CU Boulder’s outreach programs and services, but they are subject to change and may no longer be active in a community. Please contact the program directly for current information.