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Teacher Workforce Collaborative: A Research Practice Partnership between Denver Public Schools and CU focused on Teacher Policy

The Teacher Workforce Collaborative (TWC) is a Research-Practice Partnership (RPP, between Denver Public Schools’ (DPS) Talent Management team and CU-Boulder School of Education Professors Allison Atteberry and Mimi Engel. The focus of the RPP is closing Denver’s large and persistent achievement gaps. The mechanism for doing so??"strengthening the District’s teacher workforce??"is the focus of the Partnership.

Motivation: Racial/ethnic and socioeconomic achievement gaps in DPS are among the largest in the United States. Hispanic-White and Black-White gaps are 2 to 3 times larger than average gaps nationally and are at the 97th percentile of all U.S. districts. The sheer magnitude of this problem necessitates that TWC focus on strategies that have the greatest potential for moving the needle. Research consistently shows that teachers are the number one in-school malleable factor for improving student outcomes. However, research also documents troubling inequalities in access to effective teaching among schools within districts. Non-White and low-income students also typically attend schools with less experienced teachers and higher teacher turnover rates. The connection between the teacher work force and youth inequality therefore arises due to reduced access to effective teachers in schools serving students from historically marginalized populations.

The TWC Core Team, comprised of researchers at both institutions, comes together on a bimonthly basis to craft and pursue a Joint Research Agenda related to understanding and improving DPS’ policies intended to recruit, place, develop, and retain the strongest teachers for the students who need them most.

This is a private program by request only, or for a specific audience or group. For more information, please visit the program website.


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  • Denver

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  • DPS Talent Management Team
  • Denver Public School District

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Allison Atteberry
Assistant Professor

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  • Social Sciences

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