Marshall Fire: A Message from the CU Boulder Outreach Strategy Coordination Network (OSCN)

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By Gretchen Minekime


We believe the University of Colorado has a responsibility, as a public institution and a good neighbor, to support the Marshall Fire recovery efforts of the City of Louisville, Town of Superior, and/or Boulder County. This tragic disaster represents a tremendous opportunity to live up to our values and our public mission, advance useful knowledge, and support our local communities through our scholarly and technical expertise, as well as material and human resources.

We are committed to ongoing engagement that supports and learns from this recovery for the benefit of all those impacted as well as others living at risk. This recognizes that knowledge produced and interventions developed may be meaningful in the near, middle, and long terms.

In response to feedback from the affected communities, and in order to make our engagement manageable for local agencies in these early stages of recovery, we request that individuals DO NOT reach out to community agencies (including government officials) with research or community engagement requests without FIRST contacting the following individuals:

For research/scholarly activities, contact Lori Peek, Prof. of Sociology and Director of the Natural Hazards Center. Lori.Peek@Colorado.EDU

  • You can view CONVERGE Virtual Forums, featuring research efforts and ideas from CU Boulder and beyond, as well as local and state-level partners. Videos for sessions 1 and 2 are now available online; registration is open  for sessions 3 and 4.
  • Please review and make relevant contributions to this Google Document  that includes 1) Research Projects underway; 2) Research Projects being planned; 3) Data, equipment, other resources to share; 4) Research questions, ideas, or topics to promote; 5) Funding opportunities.

For connecting or partnering with local government officials, no matter the reason, contact Lori Call, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Local Affairs, Office of Government and Community Engagement. Lori.Call@Colorado.EDU 

Contacting Lori Peek and/or Lori Call for the two types of queries specified above will enable better coordination and communication regarding overall efforts, and to identify areas of overlap, shared work, and potential collaboration across CU Boulder activities.