Using this Site FAQ’s

  • Are all outreach programs open to the public?

    Most outreach and engagement programs are open to the public. However, some programs are only open to a specific audience or group (e.g., a school or classroom, community organization). You can find the information about whether or not a program is open to the public on each program page.

  • Is there a fee to attend an outreach program or event?

    Many outreach and engagement programs are free. You can find admission costs on each program page.

  • Who do I contact if I would like CU Boulder materials or information for my classroom?

    Fill out the Contact Us form and include your mailing address. The information will be sent to the Office for Public and Community-Engaged Scholarship, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  • What if I cannot find what I am looking for?

    If you’ve tried looking for a program using several search methods and still can’t find what you’re looking for, CU Boulder may not offer that type of program or that program may exist but is not listed on the website. In either case, we would like to hear from you. Use the Contact Us form to get search help from our website administrator.

Adding Your Program FAQ's

  • Why should I add my program?

    The Community Outreach and Engagement Programs website is the only campuswide online resource for information about CU Boulder outreach and engagement activities and programs. This site allows campus and community members to browse and search for current programs of interest, find program contact information and potentially collaborate or participate.


    The data collected from each program page entry is used to populate university-wide outreach reports for key administrators, legislators and other key stakeholders.

  • How do I enter my program into the website?

    Go to the login page to access your user account or create a new one. Fill out the required fields and click the “save and publish” button at the end of step 3. The website administrator will verify the information before it is published on the website.

  • What is the difference between adding my program information to the Community Outreach and Engagement Programs website versus adding it to the CU Events Calendar?

    Program pages on this website provide information about ongoing outreach and engagement activities. These pages allow site visitors to browse and search for programs and connect with CU Boulder researchers. The data collected from each program page entry is used to populate campuswide outreach reports for key stakeholders.


    The events calendar highlights outreach and engagement activities that happen on a particular date (e.g., a performance, lecture, workshop or exhibit). Outreach reporting information is not collected through the events calendar.


    We encourage you to submit information for both a program page and an event listing (if applicable) so that your program information is captured in the database and promoted via multiple online tools.

  • How do I add an on-campus or off-campus outreach event to the CU Events Calendar?

    To add any outreach event to the Outreach and Engagement Events Calendar listing use the CU Events Calendar. Select both “Outreach and Engagement” under the interest category section and the group category. The information submitted on the CU Events Calendar will be filtered to On-Campus and Off-Campus Events on this website.

  • How do I know if my program has been submitted?

    An email confirmation will be sent with details on how to make future changes/additions to the email listed under the contact information for the program page administrator.

  • How do I change information about my program?

    Go to the login page to access to your user account. Make changes to the program information and click the “save and publish” button at the end of step 3. The website administrator will verify the changes prior to publishing on the website.

  • What if I cannot remember my password to access my program entry to make changes?

    Use the password recovery form to reset your password.

  • How often should I update my program?

    As often as your information changes. We ask that program contacts review their information at least once a year to ensure accuracy. If you don’t update your program within 12 months you will receive an email reminder from the outreach website administrator. The email will include instructions on how to update your information.

  • I have updated my information but it has not changed on the website. Why?

    Before a program addition, deletion or change appears on the website, it must be verified by the outreach website administrator. This usually takes fewer than three business days. If your changes are urgent, please contact the outreach website administrator.