Program Contact

Kate Henson

Research Associate


Our Mission

The mission of the inquiryHub partnership is to design, test, and implement tools and strategies for supporting teachers in creating inclusive classroom cultures and in co-designing curriculum that connects to interests, experiences, and identities of students from diverse racial and linguistic backgrounds that leads to equitable and consequential learning in mathematics and science.

What We Offer

Products created by the inquiryHub partnership and available to educators include:

  • A year-long, fully and deeply digital high school biology curriculum, tools and processes that is open and free to all
  • Middle School STEM+Science+Computational Thinking curricular units that are fully and deeply digital and free.
  • Professional Learning workshops for teachers
  • inquiryHub Biology Facilitator training workshops
  • 5-Dimensional Science learning workshop for teachers

Our Core Commitments

The inquiryHub partnership is guided by a culture of co-design, collaboration and mutualism, with a focus on building both new materials and a shared vision for equitable teaching and learning.  We accomplish the mission through the co-design and testing of new curriculum with science educators, new teaching and learning tools, and new learning environments, accompanied by qualitative and quantitative research on their effectiveness. Across these efforts, our partnership shares a set of core commitments which guide our design and development activities which:

  • Promote equity
  • Support implementation of next generation science standards
  • Promotes agency of participants in research through collaborative design
  • Supports learning and research through deeply digital design
  • Follows the contours of problems and where they might lead

    Sponsoring Units

    • Research Institutes

    • Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS)

    Program Partners

    • CU Boulder School of Education
    • CU Boulder Department of Computer Science
    • Denver Public Schools
    • Northwestern University

    Audiences Served

    • Adult Learners
    • Teachers - Middle School
    • Teachers - High School