The Laboratory for Ritual Arts & Pedagogy (RAP LAB)

Program Contact

Kalonji Nzinga

Assistant Professor

The Lyripeutics Storytelling Project is a design-based research (DBR) study investigating how learning environments, rooted in hip-hop based education and critical literacies, can facilitate opportunities for BIPOC youth to learn (and share) wellness narratives that are endogenous to the cultural communities they traverse. The study explores the affordances of hip-hop artistic practice as a tool for youth to tell stories about their communities cultural wealth.

  • Lyripeutics Storytelling Project

    Additional Info

    The RAP Lab is a learning ecology, consisting of high school students, college students, educators, researchers, and local artivists, where we utilize the hip-hop arts to cultivate our intellectual abilities, as well as our potential to serve our communities. It is a partnership between the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education and two historic Denver public high schools; North High School and Manual High School. Our learning ecology is cultivated by and for co-learners of color.


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    Private Program (by request only or for a specific audience or group)

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Sponsoring Units

  • Other

  • School of Education

  • Program in Learning Sciences and Human Development

Program Partners

  • Renée Crown Wellness Institute
  • Denver Public Schools

Audiences Served

  • Historically Excluded/Marginalized/Non-dominant Group(s)
  • Media
  • People Of Color
  • People Who Identify As Women, Girls, and/or Females
  • Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
  • Students - First Generation College - going/bound
  • Students - High School
  • Students - Middle School
  • Teachers - High School
  • Urban Communities